Looking for a Chicago Realtor? You’re in the right place! 30 years of expertise and a passion for real estate, Debra Dobbs!

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Are you a Chicago first-time home buyer?
Check out DebraDobbs.com, your one stop guide to Chicago Real Estate and all that the city has to offer! Be sure to click over to the blog for my insider tips on buying and selling your home, market updates, my favorite local spots, and more!
The Chicago Real Estate market can be overwhelming to navigate on your own. Give me a call and I’m happy to share my expertise on everything from real estate, to the best each neighborhood has to offer, to making Limoncello. (I've got a great recipe!)
We can’t all be “phone people” can we? No hard feelings. Click here to send me an email instead (of course, it’s completely confidential.)
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Your buyer’s agent (aka, realtor) will guide you every step of the way–from helping your narrow down a long list of possible neighborhoods to the one that is a best fit for you.
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Debra Dobbs
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The Chicago real estate market is tough to navigate without an agent who possesses in-depth expertise of both big-picture economics and an intimate knowledge of Chicago’s 77 different neighborhoods, suburbs, and market nuances. From the north side to the south side, the home buying process should be one that is unique to each individual, and one that should be, well...fun! A great realtor is a passionate advocate who always puts your best interests first and foremost, at every stage of the real estate transaction. She is someone who understands the fine line between the financial and emotional aspects of buying or selling a home, and takes great pride in navigating clients through the real estate process. Debra is guided by three core principles: integrity, passion and advocacy. Her dedication to complete client satisfaction is the foundation for her continued success as a realtor in Chicago. Sound like a great match? Click any of the contact information below to ask Debra any questions you might have about buying, selling, or just to get the inside scoop on the latest hot spots in the city!

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